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5 Skincare Products You Don’t Actually Need

Shiri Feldman

January 16, 2023

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The skincare industry has a reputation for selling products our skin doesn’t need. At Revea, we’re here to help you separate the need-to-haves from the nice-to-haves. Here are 5 skincare products that aren’t essential to achieve a healthy complexion at home. 

5 Skincare Products You Can Skip On

Downsize bathroom clutter, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint by passing on these skincare products:  

  1. Face Wipes: When it comes to cleansing, facial wipes don’t do a great job. Rather than removing makeup and sebum, wipes essentially move everything around on the skin’s surface. Pretty gross, right? Additionally, the friction caused by rubbing face wipes can lead to irritation and weakened skin barrier function. Plus, many contain ingredients that leave behind a film which can lead to skin sensitivity. And from a sustainability standpoint, face wipes are wasteful. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser to thoroughly remove dirt and makeup. 

  2. Separate Moisturizers: The skincare products you use on your face work great for your neck and décolleté too. Apply your Revea moisturizer to all these areas for hydration. You also don’t need different moisturizers for morning and nighttime use. One effective moisturizer will do the trick! 

  3. Face Scrubs: Using a facial exfoliant with granules may seem like a satisfying self-care activity (We all love the feeling of squeaky clean skin, right?) but even for those without sensitive skin, excessively exfoliating with physical facial scrubs can cause redness, irritation, and potential damage to your skin’s micro-environment. While some may benefit from intense exfoliation, overall, we recommend passing on this product. 

  4. Sprays & Face Mists: When you spray water on your face, it evaporates. And the worst part? As it evaporates, it can draw more water out of your skin (a process called reverse osmosis) leading to dryness and irritation. At the end of the day, facial mists are gimmicks. Stick to a daily moisturizer to maintain your skin’s hydration levels.  

  5. Topical Collagen Products: In theory, applying collagen products helps firm the skin and fight wrinkles. In practice, collagen molecules are too large to get below the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen synthesis. We’re happy to help you separate fact from fiction. 

Additional unnecessary skincare products include: 

  • Jade rollers 

  • Products with a high SPF (30 is great)

  • Essential oils 

We hope this list helps you pass on unnecessary skincare products. While you’re welcome to use these products, they're far from essential. At Revea, it’s our mission to simplify your skincare routine to the basics–topicals that will benefit your skin’s specific needs. If you’re interested in more helpful tips and advanced information about skincare, follow us on Instagram @myrevea and sign up for our e-newsletter (we promise not to spam you!).