Decode Your Skin With The Most Advanced Diagnostics in Skincare

Introducing THe 100 Million Data Point Skin Diagnostic

Using A.I., scientific diagnostics and machine-learning, we perform a layer by layer analysis of your skin. Measuring the 6 essential skin health parameters, we determine your personal Skin Radiance Score and devise a custom action plan.

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The results speak for themselves.

My skin has a glow throughout the day and feels very hydrated and moisturized.

purchased The Custom Revea Regimen

For me, skincare has always been a guessing game...I learned so much about my skin health from just one visit. Thank you Revea, I’ll be a client for life.

purchased The Custom Revea Regimen

I learned so much about my skin that I would never have known without the diagnostic (for instance my skin's pH is not great!). I have been using my custom regimen for about a week and can already see a difference!

purchased The Custom Revea Regimen

During my skin diagnostic I learned why it ACTUALLY seems dry and what factors play into it on a layer-by-layer level.

purchased The Custom Revea Regimen

What To Expect

Myth-busting Skincare Designed by A Groundbreaking Team of Experts.

Revea was created by a renowned team of Formulators, Data Specialists, Designers, Scientists, Skin Geeks. We are the world’s first precision skincare based solely on you by using advanced optical imaging and AI & machine learning that is only found at Revea. What’s trending isn’t always what’s true and #Revea’s mission is to myth-bust one-size-fits-all skincare.