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Our Mission

Founded by a group of scientists and skincare experts, we’re on a mission to make skincare work for each and every person.

We know skin types, age, race, and gender are just generic labels. What really matters is you, and your skin. So we created a skincare technology company that uses cutting-edge science and AI to design precision treatments that are formulated just for you, and no one else.

Our story

  • It started with a visionHow can we reimagine everything that a skincare company and industry can be? Where skincare actually works for the diversity of our world?

    We learned it takes a thoughtful combination of data, science and community to achieve this goal.
  • That grew into our San Francisco labUsing the most advanced imaging technology and diagnostic equiment available, we built a robust AI learning model to analyze over 1 million data points and assess your skin health across 40 skin parameters.

    We couldn’t keep our incredible technology from public use so we opened a beautiful studio in the heart of San Francisco. Come visit the future of skincare!
  • And our own formulation lab3 years of deep R&D and 1000s scientific papers later, we connected our AI learning model to over 3,000 ingredient formulations, meaning you will always have skincare products that give you exactly what your skin needs.
  • and our own manufacturing facilityWe believe in making products that are better for you and our planet, so we designed a proprietary supply chain that produces every Revea Regimen on-demand in California and delivers fresh, bespoke formulations within a week.

And now...
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you deserve skincare that starts with you.

Chaz Giles, Founder and CEO, spent years at the forefront of marrying new technologies with the beauty experience.

Dr. Troels Marstrand, Founder and CTO, dedicated nearly a decade of research at LEO Pharma, as their Chief Data Scientist, where he developed precision dermatology treatments that are sold in over 100 countries.

Kana Panchmatia, Founder and VP of Design, was in the midst of redefining her professional path as a biochemist, realizing the bias of diagnosis from a lack of dialog between chemists and doctors.

The nexus of these three catalytic endeavors was Chaz, and many, many phone calls. Combining their areas of expertise together, the solution became clear, we were going to change the way skincare worked. Some years, inventions, patents, design awards, and countless late nights later, we revealed our final product(s): REVEA.

Revea scientists

  • Dr. Troels Marstrand
    Dr. Troels MarstrandPhD Bioinformatics
  • Dr. Lieve Declercq
    Dr. Lieve DeclercqPhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Dr. Yun Chen
    Dr. Yun ChenPhD Bioinformatics
  • Liyuan Ji
    Liyuan JiMasters Pharmaceutical Science

scientific advisory board

  • Dr. Roxana Daneshjou
    Dr. Roxana DaneshjouStanford Clinical Scholar, Dermatology (focus on AI and Biomedical Data Science)
  • Dr. Sandip Biswal
    Dr. Sandip BiswalStanford Associate Professor of Radiology (Musculoskeletal Imaging)
  • Dr. Joel Dudley
    Dr. Joel DudleyChief Scientific Officer, Tempus, ex EVP of Precision Health at Mount Sinai Health System

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