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Breakthrough science driving smarter skincare

We’re bringing derm-level diagnostics and pharmaceutical formulation technology to you. 

We can see what others can't

Using NASA-developed hyperspectral imaging technology, Revea created the first clinical-grade diagnostic imaging platform capable of seeing below the surface and measuring the key biological parameters that drive our skin's health, aging, rejuvenation, and appearance. This technology allows us to identify and combat the root cause of skin issues, not just their manifestations.


more data captured compared to a standard picture

Bringing derm-level diagnostics to your smartphone

We brought the power of hyperspectral image analysis from our lab to your smartphone. Using pixel level detection and advanced machine learning, Revea's mobile scanning technology transforms the data from your smartphone camera into rich hyperspectral data.

We analyze over a million data points and 40 key skin parameters, including: oxygen saturation, skin barrier, lipid composition, melanin, blood flow, inflammation, mitochondrial health, pH, and collagen-elastin matrix.

Advanced formulations powered by predictive AI

  • AI-powered custom formulations

    Our formulation technology creates bio-customized formulas that work with your skin. Using only science-backed actives, our technology selects the optimal ingredients and concentration level for your skin.

  • Combat the root cause

    Your bio-customized serums are formulated to target the specific root cause of your skin concerns, not just the manifestation.

  • Learns and evolves with you

    Recognizing your skin is alive and changing, our smart formulations learn with you and your skin. Every time you (and the Revea community) scan your skin, your next formulation gets smarter.

  • Optimized for active delivery

    Revea's proprietary formulation chassis uses a natural penetration enhancer to increase active bio-availability and a high performance emulsifier blend that maintains active stability.

Our diagnostic lab

Revea's precision skincare lab in San Francisco, integrates cutting-edge diagnostic technologies from across dermatology, healthcare, and clinical research. This lab and three years of R&D are the foundation of our diagnostic and formulation technology.

  • Hyperspectral

    Used in astronomy and molecular biology, HSI splits the light we see (RGB) into hundreds of discrete wavelengths to measure the unique properties, or “spectral fingerprint” of objects, chemical, or materials


    • Blood Flow
    • Pigmentation
    • StO2
    • Lipid
    • Skin Barrier
    • Hydration
    • Collagen
  • Spatial Frequency
    Domain Imaging

    Used as a measure of rejuvenation and wound healing capability, SFDI is an imaging technology that separates the scattering and absorption effects of light, for non-invasive measurements of tissue health


    • Oxygen
    • Collagen
    • Melanin
    • Micro/Macro
    • Inflamation
  • Parallel-Polarized

    A technique used to isolate and enhance the measurement of skin's surface by removing the light reflecting and refracting back from the deeper layers. Using a polarized light and lens oriented to emit and capture wavelengths of light in parallel.


    • Surface Texture
    • Pores
    • Lines
    • Wrinkles
  • Electrical Impedance

    A technology used in Dermatology and Oncology to generate depth profiles of skin density, TEWL, and immune cell infiltrate.


    • Skin Barrier
    • Water Loss
    • Sensitivity
    • Inflamation
    • Hydration
  • Cross-Polarized

    A technique used to isolate and enhance the visualization of the deeper layers of skin by removing the light reflecting and refracting back from the surface. Using a polarized light and lens oriented to emit and capture wavelengths of light at a 90-degree angle.


    • UV Damage
    • Hyper-Pigmentation
    • Redness

How Revea compares to others

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  • UV & dark spots
  • Texture & pores
  • Lines & wrinkles
  • Active acne
  • Porphyrins
  • Inflammation
  • Trans-epidermal water loss
  • Skin Barrier
  • Blood flow: macro & micro - circulation
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Collagen & elastin matrix

Why Revea is different

Our technology allows us to see below the surface of skin, identify the root cause of skincare issues, and measure skin biology in ways that were never before possible.

Skin Layers

Results you can see, feel, and measure

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    after 3 months


    Serums target redness, irritation, and breakouts

    • 86% reduction in redness & inflammation

    • 47% reduction in breakouts


    after 3 months


    Serums target uneven skin texture and cellular vitality

    • 67% reduction in UV damage & dark spots

    • 31% improvement in smoothness

    • 27% reduction in clogged pores


    after 3 months


    Serums target cellular rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles

    • 36% reduction in fine lines & wrinkles

    • 21% reduction in oxidative damage


    after 3 months


    Serums target redness, fine lines and wrinkles

    • 99% reduction in redness & inflammation

    • 48% reduction in fine lines & wrinkles

Developed and backed
by leading scientists

We work with scientists from Stanford, Harvard, Estee Lauder, LEO Pharma, and more.

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