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Introducing Revea 1.1: Our Latest Mobile App Update

Troels Marstrand, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer, Revea

December 13, 2022

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At Revea, we’re rooted in science and technology to offer you a best-in-class skincare experience like no other. With advanced skin health diagnostics and custom formulations, we’re here to meet your skin’s unique needs. 

That being said, our team is thrilled to announce the release of Revea 1.1— a new and improved version of the Revea Mobile App to further enrich your skincare experience. Interested in learning about our new features & perks? Read on! 

So What’s New? 

Launching this Tuesday, December 13th, the Revea mobile application will feature the following updates:

In-App Improvements

With Revea 1.1, our system has seen twice as many mobile consumers as the previous generation. This has enabled us to develop more robust detection of your skin needs in different lighting conditions.  Specifically, we have increased the detection rate of small visible blood vessels, active acne, and fine lines. Plus, our identification of sub-dermal features such as proximal blood flow and non-visible features such as transepidermal water loss (skin barrier integrity) has increased to show 66% and 35% concordance with gold-standard clinical measurements, respectively. All from a mobile video stream. It’s pretty impressive. 

Radiance Score Updates

As we roll out this update, you’ll see a change in your radiance scores. Due to the increased detection rate of skin needs, you may see around a 5-point drop in radiance scores. You also might see a deterioration in your skin milieu score since we’ve improved at detecting a series of underlying causes within this skin parameter, namely proximal blood flow and active acne. You’ll benefit from this increased detection rate in your next set of formulations (if you have skin concerns in this area). 

How Often Are Updates Expected?

Revea is a learning system, and we aim to release updates frequently to always provide you with the very best skin diagnostic and formulation recommendations. Going forward you will have the opportunity to stay with the older AI or change to the new version. New versions will, similar to iOS and Android updates, contain new features and enable you to take better care of your skin.

What’s Next?  

In the immediate pipeline, we have features for building out your regimen with toners and cleansers based on your skin profile and enhanced tracking of your skin changes. Coming January, there will be a new update where you’ll have the capability of getting matched with cleansers, toners, masks, and more from the brands you love. No more guessing whether your skincare products will actually work for you. The Revea Engine will assess and rank the products in each category based on how much of a match they are for your unique skin profile to help take the guesswork out of skincare. This is truly exciting stuff–we can’t wait for you to experience it in the new year!  Thanks for being a valuable member of the Revea community.  If you’re interested in more helpful tips and advanced information about skincare, follow us on Instagram @myrevea and sign up for our e-newsletter (we promise not to spam you!).