Revea Moisturizer Refill

Revea Moisturizer Refill

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Revea No. 9

An ultra-light gel that fuses seamlessly to leave the skin feeling silky soft and deeply refreshed.

Available in Four Luxurious Textures

Revea No. 9

An ultra-light gel that glides seamlessly into skin leaving it deeply refreshed and feeling silky soft. This fast drying gel delivers an almost invisible hydrating layer that doubles as a primer under makeup. The lightweight and natural mattifying effect makes it well suited for oily skin.

Revea No. 33

A rich whipped texture that softly melts when it fuses with the warmth of the skin. Our most popular moisturizer, this decadently luxurious hydrator leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and deeply nourished throughout the day. With a visible glow and plumping effect, it is great for those seeking a pampering, rich moisturizer or those with consistently dry skin.  

Revea No. 21

A touch of shea butter hiding behind the unbelievable lightness of a soft shimmery cream. Marrying the fast absorption of a gel with the more hydrating coverage of a cream, this gel cream delivers a muted after glow and is great for those looking for a richer hydrator without they traditional heaviness of a cream. 

Revea No. 25

Smoothly glides onto skin to create a luxurious cocoon of hydration without feeling heavy. This dual action moisturizer surprises on skin as the oil encapsulation burst open to release hydrating water molecules. The oil layer holds in the moisture providing a nourishing, plumping hydration and long lasting glow.